Art Book Fair & More

Designing graphics for book fair

Design‭ /‬‭ ‬Jimmy Jian‭, ‬Nicholas Lin
Illustration /‬‭ ‬Jimmy Jian
Advising /‬‭ ‬Ken-Tsai Lee
Year / 2018

Calling all art book publishers, art bookstores, indie magazines, galleries, and art groups of all kinds to join the fun, rich, quirky art book fair happening in Taipei! The mission of the fair is to foster the unique art publishing community of Taipei while providing a platform for domestic and international publishers to expose their work to a new audience, as well as celebrating the creativity and the unfaded joy of art.

For the branding of this exhibition, artists and designers were invited to work in close collaboration. First, artists create abstract paintings in line with the concept of this exhibition. After that, designers extract the elements and convert them into meaningful key visuals. We hope to inspire different interpretations of the key visuals from the audiences, with the creativity and joyfulness of this exhibition being the only unchanging staples.