Design‭ /‬‭ ‬Jimmy Jian
Advising /‬‭ ‬Roger Lin
Year / 2016

The world consists of people, object, and the environment. Defining the relationships between these dimensions is extremely difficult, but possible if done step by step. For example, the lamp is a device which provides lighting, a constitutive element of the surroundings; and it is also a space-dividing tool once emitting light. When lamps light up different places, areas for varied purposes are thus defined.

As designers, we must keep searching for the most harmonious relationship between people, objects, and the environment, in order to design an excellent product. This is how the Composition series was made. I interpreted the lamp holders, lamp stands, and light bulbs with geometric elements such as points, lines, and planes. Through re-structuring of the elements, the lamps are allowed to fulfill both function and aesthetics in the most simplistic form.