Coral System

Form generating system based on demolding

Design / Jack Liu, Jimmy Jian
Animation / Shih-Chen Chen
Year / ‬2018

Coral is a set of structural form-finding generative systems based on the principle of demolding that enables designers to explore a broader range of possibilities rapidly for form-finding under conditions that comply with manufacturing requirements.

Form Principle
The prototype of the Coral system comes from the basic principle in mould design. By setting the models to grow randomly on a predetermined plane, it’s promised that these models can be split by two separated moulds. Then, the system extends to the three planes of X, Y, and Z and even to not oriented planes in order to increase the complexity of the forms it generates while challenging the traditional mold-splitting method.

models and molds based on 1‭, ‬2‭ ‬and 3‭ ‬Axises

a series of models generated by the same system

 original models models with parting lines
models with patterns

Design Story
Industrial design is always connected with mass production. Therefore, the possibility of product styling is limited by production tools. The form and shape of products gradually tend to be similar under such restrictions. This project broke the frame by implementing programming techniques. New possibilities that complied with current manufacturing limitations were discussed.