Extruded Furniture

Celebrating the sustainable craft of aluminium extrusion

Design‭ /‬‭ ‬Jimmy Jian
Client‭ /‬‭ Self-initiated
Year /

Extruded Furniture is a series of furniture objects that celebrates the sustainable craft of aluminium extrusion. It also promotes the importance of aluminium recycling. All objects are constructed around extruded aluminium sheets with repetitive ‘O’ shapes, which creates a product line with the same functional and aesthetic identity.

Form Exploration
This project follows a very intuitive development process. After deciding to create furniture with aluminium extrusion, I started to build various 3D models to try out compositions and shapes, then picked out the ones that I think have potential.

Design Story: Object 01
The first object is a stool. The stool comprises two extruded aluminium sheets, each formed by arranging four circles and two pieces of translucent matte acrylic. The composition of this stool guides the user to place daily objects under it. The colour of the object interacts with the translucent acrylic, creating unique everyday aesthetics.

Design Story: Object 02
The second object is a shelf. The shelf comprises three extruded aluminium sheets, each formed by arranging eight circles and an aluminium tube with different lengths. This shelf, composed of basic shapes, is like a 2D layout in 3D space. While meeting functionality, it also creates a minimalist and timeless lifestyle.

Design Story: Object 03
The last one is a table. The table is made of an extruded aluminium sheet that is formed by arranging eighteen circles and a huge hollow aluminium tube. The unique composition makes it look like an industrial sculpture, and the hollow feature makes it suitable for storage.